Gen Nxt Trends

The Gen Nxt or generation next, a generation who are lucky enough to be at a time where Technology has become ubiquitous  & is the in thing. They are able to unleash the power of technology to their They are able to access any information instantaneously, thanks to the Internet Technology & the pervasiveness of the Digital Media. The information clutter obviously leads to creating lot confusion in their mind .Therefore, there is a need for a platform where in they could access the right information  curated to suit their demands and thus help them take a reasonably right decision. In line with the aspirations of the Next Gen community, we have started this Blog & rightly so named it as "The in thing ". We will try our best to cover Gen Nxt  Trending material contents  to make this blog lively. We will be initially covering Life style Products , Science & Technology etc & slowly cover other areas of interest Thanking you  Editor Desk
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